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Lateral Spring Plungers with seal, pressure pin and spring in steel, metric
K0368 Metric

Lateral Spring Plungers with seal, pressure pin and spring in...

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DescriptionMaterial:Body in aluminum; spring in steel; pressure pin in steel Version:Steel thrust pin hardened and electro zinc-plated.
Body blue electro zinc-plated.
Note:Lateral spring plungers are for positioning, clamping, holding and securing workpieces and parts for engraving, labelling, drilling, reaming, tapping, honing, grinding, welding, soldering, assembling, mounting etc.
Suitable eccentric adjustment bush see K0369.
W and Z are customer specified.
Drawing reference:
1) installation tool


Lateral Spring Plungers with seal, pressure pin and spring in steel, metric

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Item No.
K0368.22034637460,5100,811111K0369.03  on request
K0368.22036637460,5200,811111K0369.03  on request
K0368.22038637460,5400,811111K0369.03  on request
K0368.22054105126100,820-1,51,71,71,71,7K0369.05  on request
K0368.22056105126100,850-1,51,71,71,71,7K0369.05  on request
K0368.22058105126100,8100-1,51,71,71,71,7K0369.05  on request
K0368.22064106121010140---1,71,91,9K0369.05  on request
K0368.22066106121010175---1,71,91,9K0369.05  on request
K0368.220681061210101100---1,71,91,9K0369.05  on request
K0368.220841281413121,350----2,52,7K0369.08  on request
K0368.220861281413121,3100----2,52,7K0369.08  on request
K0368.220881281413121,3150----2,52,7K0369.08  on request
K0368.2210416101816161,6100-----3,1K0369.10  on request
K0368.2210616101816161,6150-----3,1K0369.10  on request
K0368.2210816101816161,6200-----3,1K0369.10  on request
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