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DescriptionMaterial:Screw quality class 10.9.
Bolt brass or POM.
Version:Screw black oxide finish.Note:The brass pin is pressed into the thrust screw. Thrust Screws are particularly suitable for clamping or exerting pressure on threaded spindles, axles, shafts and treated surfaces without marring.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0389 Thrust Screws 124 kB


Pressure Screws

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K0389.04X305bolt brassM42,5230,5 on request
K0389.04X405bolt brassM42,5240,5 on request
K0389.05X305bolt brassM532,530,5 on request
K0389.05X405bolt brassM532,540,5 on request
K0389.06X415bolt brassM64341,5 on request
K0389.06X515bolt brassM64351,5 on request
K0389.06X615bolt brassM64361,5 on request
K0389.08X52bolt brassM85,5452 on request
K0389.08X62bolt brassM85,5462 on request
K0389.08X82bolt brassM85,5482 on request
K0389.10X52bolt brassM107552 on request
K0389.10X62bolt brassM107562 on request
K0389.10X82bolt brassM107582 on request
K0389.12X525bolt brassM128,5652,5 on request
K0389.12X625bolt brassM128,5662,5 on request
K0389.12X825bolt brassM128,5682,5 on request
K0389.104X31bolt POMM42231 on request
K0389.104X41bolt POMM42241 on request
K0389.105X31bolt POMM532,531 on request
K0389.105X41bolt POMM532,541 on request
K0389.106X413bolt POMM63,5341,3 on request
K0389.106X513bolt POMM63,5351,3 on request
K0389.106X613bolt POMM63,5361,3 on request
K0389.108X516bolt POMM85451,6 on request
K0389.108X616bolt POMM85461,6 on request
K0389.108X816bolt POMM85481,6 on request
K0389.110X519bolt POMM106,5551,9 on request
K0389.110X619bolt POMM106,5561,9 on request
K0389.110X819bolt POMM106,5581,9 on request
K0389.112X521bolt POMM128652,1 on request
K0389.112X621bolt POMM128662,1 on request
K0389.112X821bolt POMM128682,1 on request
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