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[-en-] Levelling feet in Hygienic DESIGN, Form B

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DescriptionMaterial:Foot plate and threaded spindle stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304 equivalent).
Rubber base (NBR) Shore 85 +/-5, FDA tested.
Rubber seal, silicone, FDA tested.
Version:Note:Application:Accessory:Drawing reference:
1) Adjustment range


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D1D2HH1H2H3LL1L2L3SWSW1Load rating
max. kN
(static load only)
K1303.208016X140B5480M16242519353114796045140132020 on request
K1303.208016X190B5480M162425243531391048570190132020 on request
K1303.208020X140B5480M20302519353114796045140172620 on request
K1303.208020X190B5480M203025243531391048570190172620 on request
K1303.208024X140B5480M24352519353114796045140203020 on request
K1303.208024X190B5480M243525243531391048570190203020 on request
K1303.210016X140B69100M16242819656117796045140132025 on request
K1303.210016X190B69100M162428246561421048570190132025 on request
K1303.210020X140B69100M20302819656117796045140172625 on request
K1303.210020X190B69100M203028246561421048570190172625 on request
K1303.210024X140B69100M24352819656117796045140203025 on request
K1303.210024X190B69100M243528246561421048570190203025 on request
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