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Ratchet levers with reamed hole

Ratchet levers with reamed hole

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DescriptionMaterial:Housing carbon steel, tension nut and tension pin case-hardened steel.Version:Black oxidised.
Matt-finished or high-polish chrome-plated versions available at extra charge.
Note:Tension Pin A standard version (for ratchet action):
Use for clamping and releasing in limited space and when considerable travel is involved. In order to change the tightening direction, the handle must be reversed by 180°.

Tension Pin B special version:
Use for clamping and releasing in limited space and when short travel is involved. The handle is not reversed in order to change the tightening direction. It must be pulled out before it can be engaged in the next slot.

Clamp with H7 reamed hole and DIN 6885/1 keyway.
On request:Other thread, reamed hole and square socket sizes.
Dimension “A” available in other lengths at extra charge.
Special version: Tension pin B.
Special features:


Ratchet levers with reamed hole

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Kind of fasteningXA=Handle lengthA2DD1D2D3D4HH1H2H3No. of
index slots
K0128.412reamed hole with slot12150482233172236314,515,537 172.69 $ (USD)
K0128.414reamed hole with slot141805427382026433861948 206.03 $ (USD)
K0128.415reamed hole with slot151805427382026433861948 206.03 $ (USD)
K0128.416reamed hole with slot161805427382026433861948 206.03 $ (USD)
K0128.418reamed hole with slot182307035452430514262148 275.74 $ (USD)
K0128.420reamed hole with slot202307035452430514262148 275.74 $ (USD)
K0128.422reamed hole with slot2230080425628356147623,549 375.82 $ (USD)
K0128.425reamed hole with slot2530080425628356147623,549 375.82 $ (USD)
K0128.427reamed hole with slot2730080425628356147623,549 375.82 $ (USD)
K0128.430reamed hole with slot304001106075323882537,526,5511 714.02 $ (USD)
K0128.436reamed hole with slot364001106075323882537,526,5511 714.02 $ (USD)
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