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Control knob Form B, with markings

Control knob Form B, with markings

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DescriptionMaterial:Thermoplastic, black grey.
Bush steel.
Version:Bush blue passivatedNote:Available without graduations, with one scale line or with 20 graduations and 10 digits.

Δ Add the desired cap colour here. No colour code is required for black grey caps.
On request:Special graduations.Drawing reference:
Form A: without graduations
Form B: with one scale line
Form C: with standard graduations

1) Set screw for locking (by Form C between numbers 5 and 6)
Special features:


Control knob Form B, with markings

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Order No.FormColour
K0248.2105Bblack grey RAL 70215211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.21051Borange RAL 20045211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.21052Bsignal green RAL60325211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.21053Bblue RAL50175211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.21055Blight grey RAL 70355211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.21056Btraffic red RAL 30205211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.21057Bcolza yellow RAL 10215211919M32210,5510 11.21 $ (USD)
K0248.2206Bblack grey RAL 70216262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.22061Borange RAL 20046262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.22062Bsignal green RAL60326262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.22063Bblue RAL50176262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.22065Blight grey RAL 70356262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.22066Btraffic red RAL 30206262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.22067Bcolza yellow RAL 10216262323M32612610 11.72 $ (USD)
K0248.2308Bblack grey RAL 70218343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
K0248.23081Borange RAL 20048343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
K0248.23082Bsignal green RAL60328343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
K0248.23083Bblue RAL50178343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
K0248.23085Blight grey RAL 70358343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
K0248.23086Btraffic red RAL 30208343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
K0248.23087Bcolza yellow RAL 10218343131M43617,5714 13.61 $ (USD)
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