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Crank handles with safety grip, without keyway

Crank handles with safety grip, without keyway

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DescriptionMaterial:Arm and grip black grey thermoplastic.Version:Steel parts black oxidised.Note:The hub cover is supplied unassembled. Two steps are required to move the cylindrical safety grip into operating position:
- Turn handle by rotary shaft up to stop (90°).
- Push grip in axial position into locking position. When engaged, the cylinder can be efficiently cranked using the grip. When released, the grip automatically returns to original position.
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Crank handles with safety grip, without keyway

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K0268.1108reamed hole802488447,5291310413 69.84 $ (USD)
K0268.1110reamed hole8024108447,5291310413 69.84 $ (USD)
K0268.1210reamed hole100291010458,5361312916 70.37 $ (USD)
K0268.1212reamed hole100291210458,5361312916 70.37 $ (USD)
K0268.1312reamed hole1253612138,5824418,516119,5 71.66 $ (USD)
K0268.1314reamed hole1253614138,5824418,516119,5 71.66 $ (USD)
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