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Shaft collars set screw DIN 705, stainless steel , Form A, recess

Shaft collars set screw DIN 705, stainless steel , Form A, recess

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DescriptionMaterial:Version:Bright.Drawing reference:
1) Second grub screw from D1 ≥ 75
Special features:


Shaft collars set screw DIN 705, stainless steel , Form A, recess

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Order No.FormD1BD2D3
grub screw
K0406.100302A357M2x3on request
K0406.100402A458M2,5x3on request
K0406.100502A5610M3x4on request
K0406.100602A6812M4x5on request
K0406.100702A7812M4x5on request
K0406.100802A8816M4x6on request
K0406.100902A91018M5x8on request
K0406.101002A101020M5x8on request
K0406.101102A111020M5x8on request
K0406.101202A121222M6x8on request
K0406.101402A141225M6x8on request
K0406.101502A151225M6x8on request
K0406.101602A161228M6x8on request
K0406.101802A181432M6x8on request
K0406.102002A201432M6x8on request
K0406.102402A241640M8x12on request
K0406.102502A251640M8x10on request
K0406.102602A261640M8x10on request
K0406.102802A281645M8x12on request
K0406.103002A301645M8x10on request
K0406.103202A321650M8x12on request
K0406.103502A351656M8x12on request
K0406.103602A361656M8x12on request
K0406.103802A381656M8x12on request
K0406.104002A401863M10x16on request
K0406.104202A421863M10x16on request
K0406.104502A451870M10x16on request
K0406.104802A481870M10x16on request
K0406.105002A501880M10x16on request
K0406.105202A521880M10x16on request
K0406.105502A551880M10x16on request
K0406.105602A561880M10x16on request
K0406.105802A582090M10x16on request
K0406.106002A602090M10x16on request
K0406.106302A632090M10x16on request
K0406.106502A6520100M10x20on request
K0406.106802A6820100M10x20on request
K0406.107002A7020100M10x20on request
K0406.107202A7220100M10x20on request
K0406.107502A7522110M12x20on request
K0406.108002A8022110M12x20on request
K0406.108502A8522125M12x25on request
K0406.109002A9022125M12x20on request
K0406.110002A10025140M12x25on request
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