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Indexing Plungers

Indexing Plungers

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Indexing plungers

Indexing plungers are used in machine and fixture applications to lock items in place, especially when indexing a range of motion or a series of positions. A typical indexing plunger features a knob or ring attached to a spring loaded pin. When the knob is pulled, the pin is retracted, allowing for free movement. Upon release, the spring causes the pin to return to its extended position, locking the mechanism in place. KIPP Inc. offers a broad range of indexing plungers, including options in inch and metric, steel and stainless steel.

Indexing plungers, standard

The range of standard indexing plungers comprises a broad range of possibilities, with inch and metric available in most:
  • Indexing plungers with a plastic pull knob, in steel or stainless steel
  • Indexing plungers, entirely stainless steel
  • Indexing plungers without collar
  • Indexing plungers, short bodied
  • Indexing plungers for thin walled parts
  • Cam action indexing plungers
  • Indexing plunger mounting brackets

Indexing plungers without knob

Instead of a knob, the plungers feature a pull ring or a threaded pin. A pneumatic cylinder can be attached for automated operation, or Bowden cables can be used for remote actuation.

Precision indexing plungers

Precision ground pins and receiving bushings ensure high repeating accuracy. Options include cylindrical or tapered pins and standard or lockout function.

Lock and clamp indexing plungers

These indexing plungers combine the indexing function (spring loaded retractable pin designed to mate with a series of indexed position holes) with a clamping function (threaded stud that can be tightened for clamping in an infinite range of positions).
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