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Indexing plungers steel, with twist knob and tapered indexing pin, Form A

Indexing plungers steel, with twist knob and tapered indexing...

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DescriptionMaterial:Housing and pin steel.
Locked mark and label aluminum.
Twist knob thermoplastic PA (polyamide)
Version:Housing and pin nickel plated.
Locked mark anodised, red.
Twist knob fiberglass reinforced, black.
Type of operation:Style A:
Check that the twist knob is in the "OFF" position and that the pin is retracted.
Slide the plate with the bushing under the indexing plunger.
To clamp, turn the twist knob to the "ON" position.
When fully clamped, an audible click will be heard.
Caution: Do not loosen the clamping of the indexing plunger when the pin is under an axial load. Due to the conical shape, the pin may not retract.

Style B:
With the twist knob in the "OFF" position, slide the plate with the bushing towards the indexing plunger until the spring locks the pin into the bushing.
The twist knob will move automatically the the "MID" position.
For complete clamping, turn the twist knob from the "MID" position to the "ON" position until a click signal is heard.
Accessory:Drill bushings K1835.Supplied withA locknut and a 0.2 mm thick label are supplied.Drawing reference:
1) Installation without bushing K1835
2) Mounting plate
3) Base plate
4) Locked mark
5) ON position
6) OFF position
7) Label
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Technical information for indexing plunger K1833 298 kB


Indexing plungers steel, with twist knob and tapered indexing pin, Form A
Indexing plungers steel, with twist knob and tapered indexing pin, Form A

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K1833.0005Awithout centre position5M10x13,3263,7-4,648,24817715448-10 120.43 $ (USD)
K1833.0007Awithout centre position7M12x1,54,9325,3-6,6575820817529-11 126.26 $ (USD)
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Shearing force
K1833.0005A4,2131714080 °C0,9 120.43 $ (USD)
K1833.0007A5141917080 °C1,3 126.26 $ (USD)
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