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Knurled Wheels components in stainless steel, internal thread, Style K, inch
K0261_K Inch

Knurled Wheels components in stainless steel, internal thread,...

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DescriptionMaterial:Version:Stainless steel bright.Drawing reference:
Form K: tapped bush with cap
Special features:


Knurled Wheels components in stainless steel, internal thread, Style K, inch

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Order No.FormColour
K0261.21A1Kblack grey RAL 7021110-324016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A15Klight grey RAL 7035110-324016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A16Ktraffic red RAL 3020110-324016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A17Krape yellow RAL 1021110-324016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A2Kblack grey RAL 702111/4-204016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A25Klight grey RAL 703511/4-204016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A26Ktraffic red RAL 302011/4-204016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A27Krape yellow RAL 102111/4-204016,5311310 on request
K0261.21A3Kblack grey RAL 702115/16-184016,5311314 on request
K0261.21A35Klight grey RAL 703515/16-184016,5311314 on request
K0261.21A36Ktraffic red RAL 302015/16-184016,5311314 on request
K0261.21A37Krape yellow RAL 102115/16-184016,5311314 on request
K0261.22A3Kblack grey RAL 702125/16-185018361514 on request
K0261.22A35Klight grey RAL 703525/16-185018361514 on request
K0261.22A36Ktraffic red RAL 302025/16-185018361514 on request
K0261.22A37Krape yellow RAL 102125/16-185018361514 on request
K0261.22A4Kblack grey RAL 702123/8-165018361514 on request
K0261.22A45Klight grey RAL 703523/8-165018361514 on request
K0261.22A46Ktraffic red RAL 302023/8-165018361514 on request
K0261.22A47Krape yellow RAL 102123/8-165018361514 on request
K0261.23A4Kblack grey RAL 702133/8-166322411714 on request
K0261.23A45Klight grey RAL 703533/8-166322411714 on request
K0261.23A46Ktraffic red RAL 302033/8-166322411714 on request
K0261.23A47Krape yellow RAL 102133/8-166322411714 on request
K0261.23A5Kblack grey RAL 702131/2-136322411718 on request
K0261.23A55Klight grey RAL 703531/2-136322411718 on request
K0261.23A56Ktraffic red RAL 302031/2-136322411718 on request
K0261.23A57Krape yellow RAL 102131/2-136322411718 on request
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