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Vent screws with dipstick, Form B, with air filter

Vent screws with dipstick, Form B, with air filter

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DescriptionMaterial:Housing and cap thermoplastic polyamide 66.
Air filter polyurethane (PU foam).
Dipstick zinc.
O-ring NBR, Shore 70.
Version:Housing black.
Cap red.
Filter mesh 50 µm.
Dipstick phosphated.
Note:The removable cap allows easy cleaning of the air filter.

Form A: without air filter
Form B: with air filter
Temperature range:Temperature resistant with oil up to 100°C.On request:Min-Max markings.Drawing reference:
1) cap
2) air filter
3) O-ring
Special features:


Vent screws with dipstick, Form B, with air filter

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K0465.236038B36G3/82341711 4.67 $ (USD)
K0465.241012B41G1/22841812 5.15 $ (USD)
K0465.247034B47G3/43351712 5.76 $ (USD)
K0465.252100B52G13852012 6.69 $ (USD)
K0465.263114B63G1 1/44952313 8.14 $ (USD)
K0465.263112B63G1 1/25552313,5 8.58 $ (USD)
K0465.2361615B36M16x1,52341711 4.67 $ (USD)
K0465.2411815B41M18x1,528417,512 4.96 $ (USD)
K0465.2412015B41M20x1,528417,512 5.15 $ (USD)
K0465.2412215B41M22x1,528417,512 5.22 $ (USD)
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