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Lateral Spring Plungers without seal, pressure pin and spring in steel, inch
K0368 Inch

Lateral Spring Plungers without seal, pressure pin and spring in...

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DescriptionMaterial:Sleeve in aluminium; spring in steel; pressure pin in steelVersion:Thrust pin steel, hardened and galvanized.
Sleeve blue galvanized.
Note:Lateral spring plungers are for positioning, clamping, holding and fastening of workpieces during engraving, labelling, drilling, reaming, tapping, honing, grinding, welding, soldering, tooling, assembling, etc.
Eccentric adjustment bushes see 03330.

W and Z are customer specific.
Drawing reference:
1) assembly tool


Lateral Spring Plungers without seal, pressure pin and spring in steel, inch

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Order No.
K0368.21034CM1/43471/40,5100,811111K0369.03CM on request
K0368.21036CM1/43471/40,5200,811111K0369.03CM on request
K0368.21038CM1/43471/40,5400,811111K0369.03CM on request
K0368.21054CU7/1656,7117/160,820-1,51,71,71,71,7K0369.05CU on request
K0368.21056CU7/1656,7117/160,850-1,51,71,71,71,7K0369.05CU on request
K0368.21058CU7/1656,7117/160,8100-1,51,71,71,71,7K0369.05CU on request
K0368.21064CU7/16610,7117/16140---1,71,91,9K0369.05CU on request
K0368.21066CU7/16610,7117/16175---1,71,91,9K0369.05CU on request
K0368.21068CU7/16610,7117/161150---1,71,91,9K0369.05CU on request
K0368.21084CP1/2813,9131/21,350----2,52,7K0369.08CP on request
K0368.21086CP1/2813,9131/21,3100----2,52,7K0369.08CP on request
K0368.21088CP1/2813,9131/21,3200----2,52,7K0369.08CP on request
K0368.21104CQ5/81016,7175/81,6100-----3,1K0369.10CQ on request
K0368.21106CQ5/81016,7175/81,6200-----3,1K0369.10CQ on request
K0368.21108CQ5/81016,7175/81,6300-----3,1K0369.10CQ on request
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