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Règles machine

Règles machine


Measuring and Work Holding Accessories

Laser etched stainless steel scales

KIPP stainless steel rules are made with thick stainless steel, deep laser engraved markings, and graduations on both edges for convenience. They are available in inch or metric, horizontal or vertical. The back features a permanent self-adhesive strip. Also called rulers or scales.

Grub screws and thrust screws for clamping and work holding

KIPP grub screws are designed for clamping and work holding in a variety of applications. They can be used as an accessory to toggle clamps or in in any fixture or application where a threaded hole is present.

The screws feature a steel or stainless steel body and several options for the tip:

  • thrust point to DIN 6332, used for direct clamping or with a thrust pad
  • ball thrust point, for direct clamping or for use with a thrust pad
  • brass or plastic tip designed to reduce marring of work surfaces
  • ball tip with full or flattened ball

Thrust pads for grub screws

Thrust pads snap over the end of grub screws to provide a broader surface area for clamping, and the swivel option can help compensate for angled clamping surface. The overall effect is more secure clamping and a reduced the chance of marring.
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