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Star grips, plastic with safety function, with male thread, inch

Star grips, plastic with safety function, with male thread, inch

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DescriptionProduct description:Star grips with safety function prevent changes to the clamping point by accidental opening or closing.
In its initial state, the grip can turn freely and has no connection to the clamping point. It is only when the grip is pushed down that the toothing engages and the clamp can be loosened or tightened.
A spring returns the grip to the start position upon release.
Material:Star grip and insert made from reinforced thermoplastic.
Screw steel or stainless steel.
Version:Steel trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel, bright.
Advantages:Protection against accidental opening or closing.On request:Special versions.Special features:


Star grips, plastic with safety function, with male thread, inch

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SizeDD1D2D8HH1H4LNo. of
K1811.32AE1X10external threadjet black RAL 9005steel18-3232101425522,11012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.32AE1X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel18-3232101425522,12012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.32A11X10external threadjet black RAL 9005steel110-3232101425522,11012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.32A11X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel110-3232101425522,12012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.40A11X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel210-324013,51830,55,526,62012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A11X30external threadjet black RAL 9005steel210-324013,51830,55,526,63012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A11X40external threadjet black RAL 9005steel210-324013,51830,55,526,64012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A21X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel21/4-204013,51830,55,526,62012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A21X30external threadjet black RAL 9005steel21/4-204013,51830,55,526,63012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A21X40external threadjet black RAL 9005steel21/4-204013,51830,55,526,64012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A31X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel25/16-184013,51830,55,526,62012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A31X30external threadjet black RAL 9005steel25/16-184013,51830,55,526,63012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A31X40external threadjet black RAL 9005steel25/16-184013,51830,55,526,64012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.50A31X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel35/16-1850172241,91037,12012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.50A31X40external threadjet black RAL 9005steel35/16-1850172241,91037,14012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.50A41X20external threadjet black RAL 9005steel33/8-1650172241,91037,12012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.50A41X40external threadjet black RAL 9005steel33/8-1650172241,91037,14012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.32AE84X10external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel18-3232101425522,11012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.32AE84X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel18-3232101425522,12012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.32A184X10external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel110-3232101425522,11012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.32A184X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel110-3232101425522,12012 15.11 $ (USD)
K1811.40A184X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel210-324013,51830,55,526,62012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A184X30external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel210-324013,51830,55,526,63012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A184X40external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel210-324013,51830,55,526,64012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A284X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel21/4-204013,51830,55,526,62012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A284X30external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel21/4-204013,51830,55,526,63012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A284X40external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel21/4-204013,51830,55,526,64012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A384X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel25/16-184013,51830,55,526,62012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A384X30external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel25/16-184013,51830,55,526,63012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.40A384X40external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel25/16-184013,51830,55,526,64012 16.29 $ (USD)
K1811.50A384X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel35/16-1850172241,91037,12012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.50A384X40external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel35/16-1850172241,91037,14012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.50A484X20external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel33/8-1650172241,91037,12012 17.88 $ (USD)
K1811.50A484X40external threadtraffic red RAL 3020steel33/8-1650172241,91037,14012 17.88 $ (USD)
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