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Star Grips similar to DIN 6336, Style D, inch
K0155_D Inch

Star Grips similar to DIN 6336, Style D, inch

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DescriptionMaterial:Black thermoplastic.
Bush steel.
Version:Bush galvanized and blue chromed.On request:Other colours or designs, such as company logo.Drawing reference:
Form D: tapped bush without cap


Star Grips similar to DIN 6336, Style D, inch

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K0155.5AED258-321281610 on request
K0155.5A1D2510-321281610 on request
K0155.5A21D251/4-201281610 on request
K0155.5A11D3210-3214102010 on request
K0155.5A2D321/4-2014102010 on request
K0155.5A3D405/16-1818132514 on request
K0155.5A41D403/8-1618132514 on request
K0155.5A31D505/16-1822173214 on request
K0155.5A4D503/8-1622173214 on request
K0155.5A51D501/2-1322173218 on request
K0155.5A42D633/8-1626214014 on request
K0155.5A5D631/2-1326214018 on request
K0155.5A6D635/8-1126214018 on request
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