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Hex nuts, stainless steel with seal washer in Hygienic DESIGN

Hex nuts, stainless steel with seal washer in Hygienic DESIGN

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DescriptionProduct description:The Hygienic DESIGN fastening system was specially developed for use in food-processing facilities. Special emphasis has been placed on the cleaning-optimised geometry and a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8 µm. Quick and easy product installation due to a pre-mounted sealing washer rounds off the overall package.Material:Version:Hex nut: Polished or unpolished stainless steel.
Sealing washer: RAL5002 - utra marine (POM).
Note:The contact face for the sealing ring must ideally be flat and perpendicular to the threaded hole and have a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8 µm.
Sealing ring is unsuitable for acidic cleaning (pH < 4) and oxidising agents.
Temperature range:-20° to +100° C (POM).Advantages:Pre-installed, exchangable seal washer.
Foodstuff conform material.
Cleaning optimised geometry.
On request:Special versions.Attention:The suitability of the Hygienic DESIGN fasters for the respective application must be checked by the user. Depending on the loads and external influences (temperature, cleaning media, product media), the sealing washer should be inspected regularly and replaced if necessary.Accessory:Sealing washer K1649.
Stainless steel hex head bolt with sealing washer K1647.
Sockets with plastic inserts K1361.
Ring/open-end spanner with protective caps K1362.
Threaded version:M4 - M16.Supplied withHex nut incl. seal washer.Drawing reference:
1) Hex nut
2) Sealing washer
Special features:
Stainless steel RoHS


Hex nuts, stainless steel with seal washer in Hygienic DESIGN

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K1648.1104polishedM41011,25211,15,9374,8 6.91 $ (USD)
K1648.1105polishedM51213,25213,17,4386 7.78 $ (USD)
K1648.1106polishedM61415,742,515,19,13107,2 8.18 $ (USD)
K1648.1108polishedM81819,742,518,111,73139,6 11.33 $ (USD)
K1648.1110polishedM102223,742,522,11541612 13.47 $ (USD)
K1648.1112polishedM122628,25325,116,151814,4 25.30 $ (USD)
K1648.1116polishedM163537,25332,121,862419,2 39.14 $ (USD)
K1648.2104not polishedM41011,25211,15,9374,8 5.87 $ (USD)
K1648.2105not polishedM51213,25213,17,4386 6.62 $ (USD)
K1648.2106not polishedM61415,742,515,19,13107,2 6.94 $ (USD)
K1648.2108not polishedM81819,742,518,111,73139,6 9.62 $ (USD)
K1648.2110not polishedM102223,742,522,11541612 11.42 $ (USD)
K1648.2112not polishedM122628,25325,116,151814,4 21.50 $ (USD)
K1648.2116not polishedM163537,25332,121,862419,2 33.28 $ (USD)
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