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Technical details

Polyurethane elastomers (AU/EU) are the elastomer versions of polyurethane (PUR).
They are vulcanised materials and no longer have thermoplastic properties.
They are characterised by:

- Outstanding wear resistance
- High elasticity
- High impermeability

The material is used primarily for wear-resistant seals in hydraulics (mineral oil) and as a buffer element in machine construction.


Nitrile butadiene rubber

Technical details

NBR is an acrylonitrile and butadiene-based rubber.

The material has good mechanical properties and greater abrasion resistance than most other elastomers.

Due to its excellent resistance to mineral oils, oil and water emulsions and many fuel types, NBR used to be the standard material for O-rings and dynamic seals.


Chloroprene rubber

Technical details

CR is a chloroprene-based synthetic elastomer.

The material has good wear properties and weather resistance. Due to its chlorine content, CR is flame-retardant.


- Outdoor conveyor belts
- Window sealing profiles
- Seals for refrigeration systems
- V-belts


Natural rubber

Technical details

NR is currently still predominantly obtained as natural latex from the rubber tree.
However, a growing proportion of the industrial demand is made synthetically through petrochemical processes.

Natural rubber boasts relatively high strength and elasticity.
Due to its flexibility – even at low temperatures, it is often used for engine mounts and rubber and metal spring elements.


Fluoro rubber

Technical details

FKM is a copolymer made of fluorinated hydrocarbons.
It is best known under the DuPont brand name Viton®.

FKM is very expensive compared to other elastomers.
As a result of its temperature resistance and resistance to mineral oils, fuels and acidic cleaning agents, however, it is used wherever NBR cannot be used due to excessive heat and chemical attacks.


Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber

Technical details

EPDM is an ethylene and propylene based rubber.

It boasts good wear resistance and outstanding resistance to alkaline cleaning agents, organic solvents, alcohols and superheated water.

As it is resistant to glycol brake fluid, EPDM is the main sealing material used in vehicle brake systems.

70 EPDM 295 / 253815

Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber

Technical details

70 EPDM 295 / 253815 is an ethylene and propylene based rubber.

291: Soot filled, black
253815: Mineral filled, white

It was developed especially for the Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washers.
Hygienic USIT® sealing washers are specially designed for use in the foodstuff, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
They are particularly resistant to hydrolysis and all common cleaning agents used in these sectors.
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