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Adjustable Handles with push button, internal thread, metal parts stainless steel; inch
K0270 inch

Adjustable Handles with push button, internal thread, metal...

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DescriptionMaterial:Handle fiberglass reinforced plastic, toothed ring die-cast zinc.
Steel parts stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).
Push button plastic (POM).
Version:Stainless steel parts bright.Note:∆ Enter the desired handle color here.
The standard colors are:
Black gray handle, traffic red push button.
Orange handle, black gray push button.
Traffic red handle, black gray push button.
For the inch series, dimension X is in inches, all other dimensions are in mm.
On request:Other threads and special versions.
Dimension “H1” available in other lengths at an additional charge.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0270 inch Adjustable Handles with push button, internal thread, metal parts stainless steel; inch 229 kB


Adjustable Handles with push button, internal thread, metal parts stainless steel; inch

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Item No.Main
K0270.711A0black gray RAL 702110-2440477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.711A1black gray RAL 702110-3240477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.711A2black gray RAL 70211/4-2040477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.712A2black gray RAL 70211/4-2065759,513,51819,529,56,517,541,545,51220 on request
K0270.712A3black gray RAL 70215/16-1865759,513,51819,529,56,517,541,545,51220 on request
K0270.713A3black gray RAL 70215/16-188091,5111621,52338,5102453,5581422 on request
K0270.713A4black gray RAL 70213/8-168091,5111621,52338,5102453,5581422 on request
K0270.714A4black gray RAL 70213/8-1695109131925,527,544,6102661661724 on request
K0270.714A5black gray RAL 70211/2-1395109131925,527,544,6102661661724 on request
K0270.715A5black gray RAL 70211/2-1311012615,5233032,550,6123372772326 on request
K0270.715A6black gray RAL 70215/8-1111012615,5233032,550,6123372772326 on request
K0270.721A0orange RAL 200410-2440477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.721A1orange RAL 200410-3240477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.721A2orange RAL 20041/4-2040477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.722A2orange RAL 20041/4-2065759,513,51819,529,56,517,541,545,51220 on request
K0270.722A3orange RAL 20045/16-1865759,513,51819,529,56,517,541,545,51220 on request
K0270.723A3orange RAL 20045/16-188091,5111621,52338,5102453,5581422 on request
K0270.723A4orange RAL 20043/8-168091,5111621,52338,5102453,5581422 on request
K0270.724A4orange RAL 20043/8-1695109131925,527,544,6102661661724 on request
K0270.724A5orange RAL 20041/2-1395109131925,527,544,6102661661724 on request
K0270.725A5orange RAL 20041/2-1311012615,5233032,550,6123372772326 on request
K0270.725A6orange RAL 20045/8-1111012615,5233032,550,6123372772326 on request
K0270.731A0red RAL 302010-2440477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.731A1red RAL 302010-3240477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.731A2red RAL 30201/4-2040477,5101314,525,54153033,5916 on request
K0270.732A2red RAL 30201/4-2065759,513,51819,529,56,517,541,545,51220 on request
K0270.732A3red RAL 30205/16-1865759,513,51819,529,56,517,541,545,51220 on request
K0270.733A3red RAL 30205/16-188091,5111621,52338,5102453,5581422 on request
K0270.733A4red RAL 30203/8-168091,5111621,52338,5102453,5581422 on request
K0270.734A4red RAL 30203/8-1695109131925,527,544,6102661661724 on request
K0270.734A5red RAL 30201/2-1395109131925,527,544,6102661661724 on request
K0270.735A5red RAL 30201/2-1311012615,5233032,550,6123372772326 on request
K0270.735A6red RAL 30205/8-1111012615,5233032,550,6123372772326 on request
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