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Swing clamps, hydraulic, compact, double / single-acting with spring return, style A, flange top

Swing clamps, hydraulic, compact, double / single-acting with...

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DescriptionProduct description:Compact swing clamps are designed for clamping fixtures where the clamping points must be clear during workpiece removal or placement. They are also suitable for confined installation conditions. These compact swing clamps operate as single-acting or double-acting traction cylinders. There is a choice of three housing types for the compact swing clamps as well as various actuation methods. The clamping movement is initiated by a combined swivel and stroke motion. The actual clamping travel occurs with a linear movement. A wide range of variants with a left or right swivel angle of 90° are available. Material:Housing and piston steel.
Seal NBR
Version:Housing black oxidized.
Piston hardened.
Note:If the permissible volume flow on the swing clamp could be exceeded, an intermediate throttle check valve must be installed.
The permissible operating pressure of the swing clamps depends on the clamping arm length.
The clamping arms must be restrained when being mounted so that the ball guide of the swing clamps is not damaged.
Depending on the vent connection, the sinter filter of the single-acting swing clamps must be replaced by a screw plug.

The clamping arm of the compact swing clamp is not supplied.

Follow safety instructions.
Type of operation:- Thread connection.
- O-ring flange connection.
- Drilled channels.
Technical data:Max. operating pressure: 350 bar.Assembly:See mounting contour.Benefits:- Compact design
- Many types.
- Collision-free accessibility to the workpiece.
On request:Larger piston diameters and longer strokes, other swivel angles, various clamping arm mounts, with position control.Accessory:Clamping arm for compact swing clamp K1863.Supplied with- 1x slotted round nut M27x1.5 (only with compact swivel clamps K1862.14081104190100, K1862.14081104190200, K1862.14062104190100, K1862.14062104190200).
- 1x screw or nut for clamping arm mount.
Drawing reference:
Style AGW: Flange top, Screw connection
Style AOF: Flange top, O-ring flange connection
Style BGW: Flange under, Screw connection
Style BOF: Flange under, O-ring flange connection
Style C: Screw-on thread

1) Mounting contour
2) See accessories
3) By the single-acting cylinders, the port is equipped with a built-in sinter filter.
4) Left swivel
5) Right swivel
6) Included in delivery

Special features:


Swing clamps, hydraulic, compact, double / single-acting with spring return, style A, flange top

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Order No.styleStyle definitionConnection
Piston ØtravelB

K1862.14081104190100Adouble-actingscrew connectionright1484022---10--M27x1,511010391735111749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14081204190100Adouble-actingo-ring flange connectionright14840-2878,510105,5M27x1,51101039173516,5749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14081104190200Adouble-actingscrew connectionleft1484022---10--M27x1,511010391735111749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14081204190200Adouble-actingo-ring flange connectionleft14840-2878,510105,5M27x1,51101039173516,5749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14062104190100A-screw connectionright1464022---10--M27x1,511010391735111743.71 $ (USD)
K1862.14062204190100A-o-ring flange connectionright14640-2878,510105,5M27x1,51101039173516,5689.06 $ (USD)
K1862.14062104190200A-screw connectionleft1464022---10--M27x1,511010391735111743.71 $ (USD)
K1862.14062204190200A-o-ring flange connectionleft14640-2878,510105,5M27x1,51101039173516,5689.06 $ (USD)
Order No.styleStyle definitionConnection
H6H7H8H9H10LL1L2L3L4L5L6Flow rate
Oil requirement /
K1862.14081104190100Adouble-actingscrew connectionright881211,5-4022,516x45°----2,51,2749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14081204190100Adouble-actingo-ring flange connectionright881211,58,55032-2422-2,52,51,2749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14081104190200Adouble-actingscrew connectionleft881211,5-4022,516x45°----2,51,2749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14081204190200Adouble-actingo-ring flange connectionleft881211,58,55032-2422322,52,51,2749.57 $ (USD)
K1862.14062104190100A-screw connectionright6101211,5-4022,516x45°----2,51,2743.71 $ (USD)
K1862.14062204190100A-o-ring flange connectionright6101211,58,55032-2422-2,52,51,2689.06 $ (USD)
K1862.14062104190200A-screw connectionleft6101211,5-4022,516x45°----2,51,2743.71 $ (USD)
K1862.14062204190200A-o-ring flange connectionleft6101211,58,55032-2422-2,52,51,2689.06 $ (USD)
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