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Expansion plug cam lever

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Expanding clamping options:

Elastomer plug cam lever designed for unthreaded holes and bores

Cam levers are widely known as an excellent option for workholding and adjustment applications that require quick, secure, and repeatable clamping. However, one significant drawback has always been the need for threads—either a threaded hole or a threaded stud to attach the cam lever.

Now, the KIPP »expansion plug cam lever solves that problem. It feature a durable plastic handle attached to an elastomer expansion plug. Lower the handle, and the elastomer bulges outward, filling a blind hole or gripping sheet metal. Lift the handle up, and the elastomer springs back to a neutral position, releasing its grip.

The expansion plug cam lever is ideal for quick clamping and release of sheet metal components during the manufacturing process. It can also be used to attach lids, covers, components, and any light object that requires fixation.
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