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Hand wheel perfection:

Quality hand wheels in steel, aluminum, and duroplast

KIPP »hand wheels are designed with quality in mind, unlike some of the generic castings on the market. They are well made, accurate, and true to specification. Available in a range of sizes and materials, KIPP hand wheels are suited for a broad variety of applications, including industrial, packaging, and medical fields.

  • Lathes and metalworking machinery
  • Packaging equipment
  • Hoists and mechanical devices
  • Adjustable beds and medical equipment
  • Testing devices and lab equipment
  • Valves and gates
KIPP hand wheels add value at every stage—from prototypes at the start of the manufacturing process, to fixtures for the manufacturing process, to quality replacement parts for older machines.

Two- and Three-Spoke Hand Wheels

Two spoke plastic hand wheels have a modern appearance and are light in weight. They are especially useful in applications such as packaging equipment where a modern look is desired and the demands are not extreme. Available in inch and metric bores, they are made from reinforced polyamide plastic with a steel bushing. The »two spoke plastic hand wheel is ideal for applications where no handle is desired. The »two spoke hand wheel with revolving grip has a rotating handle for easy operation. The »two spoke hand wheel with fold-down grip has a rotating handle that folds away when not in use, for greater safety.

Two spoke aluminum hand wheels are also light in weight and modern in appearance, but provide the look and durability of metal. »Two spoke aluminum hand wheels in inch are available as a plain hand wheel or with an optional handle. Handle options include a fixed grip (non-revolving) or a revolving grip. »Two spoke aluminum hand wheels in metric are available with the same handle options.

»Three spoke hand wheels in gray cast iron, inch or »metric provide a classic industrial appearance provide the ultimate in heavy-duty durability. »Three spoke hand wheels in cast aluminum, inch or »metric are available for applications where cast iron is not needed. Both versions are available with an optional handle (fixed grip or revolving grip). They meet DIN 950.

Disc Hand Wheels

Disc hand wheels have a clean appearance and no spokes that could accidentally trap fingers, making them safer than conventional hand wheels. The »aluminum planed hand wheel in inch or »metric has a square rim profile for a modern appearance. It is available with an optional handle, fixed grip or revolving grip.

For a rounded rim, choose the »aluminum disc hand wheel based on DIN 950. The hand wheel is intended for use by directly grasping the wheel; no handle option is available.

Disc hand wheels in duroplastic are useful in hot environments. The duroplast wheel resists high temperatures and remains cooler to the touch than a metal hand wheel. For the version without a handle, visit »disc hand wheels in duroplastic; for the version with a handle, see »disc hand wheels in duroplastic with revolving taper grip.

NOVO grip Plastic Hand Wheels

The NOVO grip line of plastic hand wheels are lightweight and modern in appearance. They are ideal for precision applications such as lab equipment and medical devices. Made from durable black thermoplastic, they have a steel hub and can be ordered with »no handle, with a »revolving handle, or with a »fold-away handle.

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