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Indexing plungers for Industry 4.0

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  • Indexing plungers for Industry 4.0

Industry innovation from KIPP: Indexing plunger with integrated status sensor

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has introduced a really special indexing plunger to the market, in which an integrated sensor detects the actuated status. The signal is processed in the mushroom grip and sent wirelessly to the machine control or a mobile terminal. The FEATURE grip indexing plunger with status sensor ensures optimum process reliability:
  • The user can query from a central location whether the pin is retracted or not. This enables the machine control to determine, e.g. that the machining cycle will not start until all pins are in the correct position.

  • KIPP also offers the appropriate Gateway K1494 for linking to the control system. This interface enables the indexing plungers to be integrated into machines and plants. This enables the actuated status of the components to be displayed, checked and used for process control.

  • A major advantage of the indexing plunger with status sensor is the wireless transmission of the actuated status via Bluetooth Low Energy. The Gateway receives a radio signal via encrypted communication and converts it into a standard output signal.
These indexing plungers belong to the FEATURE grip product line, whose special features lie in the integrated electromechanical and sensory elements. They provide feedback on certain parameters or states and thus pave the way for progressive digitalisation with regard to Industry 4.0.

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