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Indexing plungers with cam lever

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Practical and ergonomic:
Indexing plungers with cam lever from KIPP
HEINRICH KIPP WERK presents another new development in the indexing plunger product group: Models in which the pin is disengaged using a cam lever are now entering the market. When the user moves the cam lever past the dead centre of the cam, the pin disengages. The advantages of these new indexing plungers are the ergonomic design, flat construction, high temperature resistance and rapid adjustment.

  • The indexing pin remains disengaged as long as the grip is beyond the cam dead centre. The operator can comfortably disengage one pin after another without having to hold all grips in the open position.

  • This function is otherwise only found on indexing plungers with an indexing slot, where the handle has to be rotated to the retracted position - this operation takes longer. In contrast, the products with cam lever are suitable for convenient, quick adjustments.

  • Another plus point is the ergonomic design of the cam lever, which permits easy handling with little effort.

  • The cam grips can be rotated through 360° and are significantly flatter than mushroom or T-grips when idle. This also enables recessed mounting of the products, which avoids interfering contours.
The levers are available in black and traffic red and are made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. This plastic is resistant to high temperatures and permits permanent operating temperatures of ca.160 °C and short-term operating temperatures up to 250 °C. For the threaded sleeves and indexing pins, the user can choose between steel and stainless steel versions. All threaded sleeves have fine threads and are available in 4 sizes (M10x1 / M12x1.5 / M16x1.5 / M20x1.5).
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