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Square tube connectors

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Assemble square tube structures quickly with KIPP connectors

KIPP tube connectors are designed to efficiently connect square tubing to build structures, frames, and safety guards. They push-fit into the tubing with no screws or rivets needed, and can be disassembled and re-used repeatedly. If a permanent assembly is desired, glue, screws, or rivets can be used.
The exterior of the connectors are made from durable black polyamide plastic. Unlike many generic connectors on the market, the interior of KIPP tube connectors features a galvanized steel core for strength. The K0535 and K0626 variable angle hinge connectors are the exception; they are entirely plastic.
  • Designed for use with 25 mm square tubing
  • Generally compatible with 1 inch tubing (the IDs are nearly identical)
  • Connectors for 20 mm and 30 mm tubing are available by special order
The connectors come in a full array of configurations, ranging from straight line connectors (180°) to right angle, tee, and corner connectors, up to a six-way connector. Specialty connectors allow for variable angle joints and for the installation of feet or casters via a threaded hole. The result is a flexible system that can be used for many purposes.
  • Create prototypes
  • Assemble safety shields for machinery
  • Build support structures for lights, sensors, and supplies
  • Create service carts for machine supplies and components
  • Build tables and fixtures for labs and clean rooms
  • Support privacy curtains, sun shades, or welding curtains
  • Make custom display racks
All of the configurations for 25 mm/1 inch tubing are stocked in the KIPP Michigan warehouse for quick delivery to customers in North America.

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