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Rubber buffers stainless steel, type E

Rubber buffers stainless steel, type E

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DescriptionMaterial:Metal parts stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316 equivalent).
Elastomer natural rubber, medium hardness Shore 55A, grey.
Version:Stainless steel bright.Note:Rubber Buffers are widely-used construction elements for elastic mounting. They are used, among other things, as mountings for assemblies, motors, compressors, pumps and testing machinery.Temperature range:-30 °C to +80 °C.On request:Metal parts stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304 equivalent).Special features:
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 Datasheet K1319 Rubber buffers stainless steel, type E 206 kB


Rubber buffers stainless steel, type E

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Item No.Main

HGTSpring stiffness
K1319.00800855stainless steelgray88M338844 on request
K1319.01501255stainless steelgray1512M44165182 on request
K1319.01501555stainless steelgray1515M44100130 on request
K1319.01502055stainless steelgray1520M4475113 on request
K1319.02001555stainless steelgray2015M65145246 on request
K1319.02002055stainless steelgray2020M6594216 on request
K1319.02002555stainless steelgray2025M6565169 on request
K1319.02501555stainless steelgray2515M87270540 on request
K1319.02502555stainless steelgray2525M87105315 on request
K1319.02503055stainless steelgray2530M8785281 on request
K1319.02504055stainless steelgray2540M8775300 on request
K1319.03001555stainless steelgray3015M87545491 on request
K1319.03002555stainless steelgray3025M87160416 on request
K1319.03003055stainless steelgray3030M87125425 on request
K1319.03004055stainless steelgray3040M8785315 on request
K1319.04002055stainless steelgray4020M87550660 on request
K1319.04002555stainless steelgray4025M875001000 on request
K1319.04003055stainless steelgray4030M87300870 on request
K1319.04004055stainless steelgray4040M872601040 on request
K1319.05002055stainless steelgray5020M108860860 on request
K1319.05002555stainless steelgray5025M1087001400 on request
K1319.05003055stainless steelgray5030M1084501575 on request
K1319.05004055stainless steelgray5040M1083501400 on request
K1319.05005055stainless steelgray5050M108170850 on request
K1319.06003055stainless steelgray6030M1087001400 on request
K1319.06004055stainless steelgray6040M1084001600 on request
K1319.06005055stainless steelgray6050M1082401200 on request
K1319.07004255stainless steelgray7042M1085202600 on request
K1319.07004555stainless steelgray7045M1086803060 on request
K1319.07502555stainless steelgray7525M121012111816 on request
K1319.07503055stainless steelgray7530M121010902289 on request
K1319.07504055stainless steelgray7540M12105002000 on request
K1319.07505055stainless steelgray7550M12105502750 on request
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