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Clamp straps with adjustment unit

Clamp straps with adjustment unit

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DescriptionMaterial:Base, ductile iron.
Clamp strap and clamping screw carbon steel.
Version:Black oxidized.Note:These clamp strap modules are universal, flexible clamps constructed from individual components building a compact unit. There are no loose parts which first have to be altered for a clamping operation. The compact design allows these clamps to be placed close to the workpiece enabling the full area of the machine table to be used.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0004 Clamp straps with adjustment unit 298 kB


Clamp straps with adjustment unit
Clamp straps with adjustment unit

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Order No.SizeClamp rangeSlot width B
DIN 650
K0004.10X1210-3512 195.14 $ (USD)
K0004.10X1410-3514 195.14 $ (USD)
K0004.10X1610-3516 195.14 $ (USD)
K0004.10X1810-3518 195.14 $ (USD)
K0004.20X12225-8512 251.15 $ (USD)
K0004.20X14225-8514 251.15 $ (USD)
K0004.20X16225-8516 251.15 $ (USD)
K0004.20X18225-8518 251.15 $ (USD)
K0004.30X12380-13712 329.50 $ (USD)
K0004.30X14380-13714 329.50 $ (USD)
K0004.30X16380-13716 329.50 $ (USD)
K0004.30X18380-13718 329.50 $ (USD)
K0004.40X124125-22412 373.33 $ (USD)
K0004.40X144125-22414 373.33 $ (USD)
K0004.40X164125-22416 373.33 $ (USD)
K0004.40X184125-22418 373.33 $ (USD)
K0004.50X125160-30012 398.56 $ (USD)
K0004.50X145160-30014 398.56 $ (USD)
K0004.50X165160-30016 398.56 $ (USD)
K0004.50X185160-30018 398.56 $ (USD)
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