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Knurled nuts quick-acting

Knurled nuts quick-acting

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DescriptionProduct description:Quick-acting knurled nuts are mainly used in applications where no high clamping pressures are required.
Tilt the nut to slide on, then straighten it to engage the threads.
Material:Carbon steel.Version:Tempered and black oxidized.Drawing reference:
X: The stud should be several mm longer than height “H”
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

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 Datasheet K0139 Knurled nuts quick-acting steel or stainless steel 264 kB


Knurled nuts quick-acting

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K0139.04carbon steelM416144,2128 6.45 $ (USD)
K0139.05carbon steelM520145,2128 7.10 $ (USD)
K0139.06carbon steelM624166,21410 7.65 $ (USD)
K0139.08carbon steelM830208,21712 10.19 $ (USD)
K0139.10carbon steelM10362810,32014 11.57 $ (USD)
K0139.12carbon steelM12403212,32416 14.46 $ (USD)
K0139.104stainless steelM416144,2128 8.46 $ (USD)
K0139.110stainless steelM10362810,32014 17.73 $ (USD)
K0139.112stainless steelM12403212,32416 22.80 $ (USD)
K0139.105stainless steelM520145,2128 8.61 $ (USD)
K0139.106stainless steelM624166,21410 10.64 $ (USD)
K0139.108stainless steelM830208,21712 14.62 $ (USD)
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