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Spherical knobsrevolving

Spherical knobs revolving

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DescriptionProduct description:An ergonomically perfect product for three-dimensional gripping.
The spherical surface also has vertical ribbing. Thanks to CAD designing, the requirements of different fields can be met.
Material:Thermoplastic, black gray.
Axis steel 5.8 or stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).
Version:Trivalent blue passivated steel or bright stainless steel.
Circlips electro zinc-plated, including stainless steel version.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0254 Spherical knobsrevolving 812 kB


Spherical knobsrevolving

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Item No.Component
K0254.106steelBlack gray RAL 7021M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.1065steelLight gray RAL 7035M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.1066steelTraffic red RAL 3020M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.1067steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.208steelBlack gray RAL 7021M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.2085steelLight gray RAL 7035M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.2086steelTraffic red RAL 3020M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.2087steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.310steelBlack gray RAL 7021M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.3105steelLight gray RAL 7035M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.3106steelTraffic red RAL 3020M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.3107steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.412steelBlack gray RAL 7021M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.4125steelLight gray RAL 7035M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.4126steelTraffic red RAL 3020M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.4127steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.0106stainless steelBlack gray RAL 7021M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.01065stainless steelLight gray RAL 7035M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.01066stainless steelTraffic red RAL 3020M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.01067stainless steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M6251217825321015557on request
K0254.0208stainless steelBlack gray RAL 7021M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.02085stainless steelLight gray RAL 7035M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.02086stainless steelTraffic red RAL 3020M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.02087stainless steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M83215,51910333,52,61220668on request
K0254.0310stainless steelBlack gray RAL 7021M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.03105stainless steelLight gray RAL 7035M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.03106stainless steelTraffic red RAL 3020M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.03107stainless steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M104019231341,543152571010on request
K0254.0412stainless steelBlack gray RAL 7021M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.04125stainless steelLight gray RAL 7035M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.04126stainless steelTraffic red RAL 3020M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
K0254.04127stainless steelRapeseed yellow RAL 1021M1250243116515,54,520308813on request
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