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Four lobe grips with external thread

Four lobe grips with external thread

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DescriptionMaterial:fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic.
Screw steel.
Version:Grip, black.
Screw electro zinc-plated.
Special features:


Four lobe grips with external thread

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K1093.43006X16LM6301512239,5216 on request
K1093.43006X20LM6301512239,5220 on request
K1093.43006X30LM6301512239,5230 on request
K1093.43006X40LM6301512239,5240 on request
K1093.43006X50LM6301512239,5250 on request
K1093.44006X16LM640,515,51229,511316 on request
K1093.44006X20LM640,515,51229,511320 on request
K1093.44008X20LM840,5151229,511320 on request
K1093.44008X30LM840,5151229,511330 on request
K1093.44008X40LM840,5151229,511340 on request
K1093.45208X16LM85020,514,532,5112,516 on request
K1093.45208X20LM85020,514,532,5112,520 on request
K1093.45208X30LM85020,514,532,5112,530 on request
K1093.45208X40LM85020,514,532,5112,540 on request
K1093.45208X50LM85020,514,532,5112,550 on request
K1093.46010X20LM105923244015420 on request
K1093.46010X30LM105923244015430 on request
K1093.46010X40LM105923244015440 on request
K1093.46010X50LM105923244015450 on request
K1093.46012X50LM125923244015450 on request
K1093.48010X30LM107930214117330 on request
K1093.48010X50LM107930214117350 on request
K1093.48012X50LM127930214117350 on request
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