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DescriptionProduct description:NOVO grip Deltawheels lend your ideas a concrete style and definite shape. Apart from being attractive, the delta style of these handwheels also offers a really comfortable and secure grip.Material:fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic.Note:Δ Add the desired color here. No color code is required for black gray.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0275 Deltawheels 279 kB



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Item No.Main
K0275.05005Black gray RAL 702150512,57,3105on request
K0275.050051signal green RAL 603250512,57,3105on request
K0275.050052red50512,57,3105on request
K0275.050053Rapeseed yellow RAL 102150512,57,3105on request
K0275.050054Traffic blue RAL 501750512,57,3105on request
K0275.05006Black gray RAL 702150512,57,3106on request
K0275.050061signal green RAL 603250512,57,3106on request
K0275.050062red50512,57,3106on request
K0275.050063Rapeseed yellow RAL 102150512,57,3106on request
K0275.050064Traffic blue RAL 501750512,57,3106on request
K0275.06306Black gray RAL 702163515,8912,66on request
K0275.063061signal green RAL 603263515,8912,66on request
K0275.063062red63515,8912,66on request
K0275.063063Rapeseed yellow RAL 102163515,8912,66on request
K0275.063064Traffic blue RAL 501763515,8912,66on request
K0275.06307Black gray RAL 702163515,8912,67on request
K0275.063071signal green RAL 603263515,8912,67on request
K0275.063072red63515,8912,67on request
K0275.063073Rapeseed yellow RAL 102163515,8912,67on request
K0275.063074Traffic blue RAL 501763515,8912,67on request
K0275.08008Black gray RAL 70218052012168on request
K0275.080081signal green RAL 60328052012168on request
K0275.080082red8052012168on request
K0275.080083Rapeseed yellow RAL 10218052012168on request
K0275.080084Traffic blue RAL 50178052012168on request
K0275.08009Black gray RAL 70218052012169on request
K0275.080091signal green RAL 60328052012169on request
K0275.080092red8052012169on request
K0275.080093Rapeseed yellow RAL 10218052012169on request
K0275.080094Traffic blue RAL 50178052012169on request
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