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Ring bolts rotatablehigh-strength grade 10

Ring bolts rotatable high-strength grade 10

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DescriptionMaterial:Ring 1.6541 steel.
Screw steel
Version:Ring forged and high tensile tempered.
100% electromagnetic crack tested per EN 1677-1, 4x safety factor.
Thread grade 10.9.
Note:In contrast to DIN 580 ring bolts this ring bolt is rotatable, therefore the load direction is adjustable and unintended tightening or loosening is negated.

– 4x safety factor
– lateral loading up to 90° is possible
– ring can rotate 360° with tightened screw

The listed load values apply for a minimum screw length of 1x nominal thread diameter in steel with a minimum tensile strength of 363 N/mm², at an application temperature of -20 °C to +100 °C.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0769 Ring bolts rotatablehigh-strength grade 10 212 kB


Ring bolts rotatablehigh-strength grade 10

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K0769.08151with hex keyM8254425471299,56300 61.22 $ (USD)
K0769.10151with hex keyM10254426471599,56400 61.22 $ (USD)
K0769.12181with hex keyM12305234551811118750 67.44 $ (USD)
K0769.16241with hex keyM1635613564241413101500 79.04 $ (USD)
K0769.20301with hex keyM2040704474301615122300 108.80 $ (USD)
K0769.24361with hex keyM2448845291361918143200 137.81 $ (USD)
K0769.30451with hex keyM306010561112452522,5174500 199.17 $ (USD)
K0769.08150without hex keyM825442547128116300 58.14 $ (USD)
K0769.10150without hex keyM1025442547158116400 58.14 $ (USD)
K0769.12180without hex keyM12305233551810138750 64.05 $ (USD)
K0769.16240without hex keyM1635613564241413101500 75.81 $ (USD)
K0769.20300without hex keyM2040704474301617122300 104.45 $ (USD)
K0769.24360without hex keyM2448845291361921143200 131.97 $ (USD)
K0769.30450without hex keyM306010862112452726174500 191.14 $ (USD)
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