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Pull handleshigh-gloss chromed

Pull handles high-gloss chromed

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel.Version:Finely ground and high-gloss chromate
Pull handle high-gloss chromed
Note:These pull handles are used primarily on optical devices, laboratory installations, audio, video and hi-fi equipment, etc. The end washers are supplied loose.Assembly:From the rear.On request:Other surface finishes.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0214 Pull handleshigh-gloss chromed 144 kB


Pull handleshigh-gloss chromed

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Item No.

K0214.03203328M35214061000 on request
K0214.04203428M35255061000 on request
K0214.05503558M35256361000 on request
K0214.07603768M35258461000 on request
K0214.08803888M35259661000 on request
K0214.032043212,5M483344,581000 on request
K0214.055045512,5M483367,581000 on request
K0214.064046412,5M483376,581000 on request
K0214.088048812,5M4833100,581000 on request
K0214.096049612,5M4833108,581000 on request
K0214.098049812,5M4833110,581000 on request
K0214.1020410212,5M4833114,581000 on request
K0214.1200412012,5M4833132,581000 on request
K0214.1280412812,5M4833140,581000 on request
K0214.1360413612,5M4833148,581000 on request
K0214.055055515M5104170101000 on request
K0214.088058815M51041103101000 on request
K0214.1000510015M51041115101000 on request
K0214.1020510215M51041117101000 on request
K0214.1150511515M51041130101000 on request
K0214.1200512015M51041135101000 on request
K0214.1360513615M51041151101000 on request
K0214.1800518015M51041195101000 on request
K0214.2000520015M51041215101000 on request
K0214.2350523515M51041250101000 on request
K0214.2500525015M51041265101000 on request
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