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DescriptionMaterial:Legs black glass-bead reinforced thermoplastic.
Grip aluminum EN AW-6060.
Version:Grip, ground and natural color anodised
Grip with serrated plastic sheath, black
Note:The legs have 4 webs in the hole for the grip tube. When pushing the tube in these are trimmed off and produce a precise seating. Black electro zinc-plated fastening screws, suitable washers and nuts are supplied.Assembly:From the front.Special features:
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 Datasheet K0221 Tube Handles 154 kB


Tube Handles

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Surface finish
K0221.1801aluminumground and anodised1803020X2M8X3055,52101000 25.08 $ (USD)
K0221.2001aluminumground and anodised2003020X2M8X3055,52301000 25.59 $ (USD)
K0221.2501aluminumground and anodised2503020X2M8X3055,52801000 27.17 $ (USD)
K0221.3001aluminumground and anodised3003020X2M8X3055,53301000 28.75 $ (USD)
K0221.3501aluminumground and anodised3503020X2M8X3055,53801000 30.14 $ (USD)
K0221.4001aluminumground and anodised4003020X2M8X3055,54301000 31.64 $ (USD)
K0221.5001aluminumground and anodised5003020X2M8X3055,55301000 34.63 $ (USD)
K0221.6001aluminumground and anodised6003020X2M8X3055,56301000 40.38 $ (USD)
K0221.1802aluminumserrated plastic body1803020X2M8X3055,52101000 30.53 $ (USD)
K0221.2002aluminumserrated plastic body2003020X2M8X3055,52301000 31.30 $ (USD)
K0221.2502aluminumserrated plastic body2503020X2M8X3055,52801000 33.22 $ (USD)
K0221.3002aluminumserrated plastic body3003020X2M8X3055,53301000 35.29 $ (USD)
K0221.3502aluminumserrated plastic body3503020X2M8X3055,53801000 37.54 $ (USD)
K0221.4002aluminumserrated plastic body4003020X2M8X3055,54301000 39.32 $ (USD)
K0221.5002aluminumserrated plastic body5003020X2M8X3055,55301000 43.33 $ (USD)
K0221.6002aluminumserrated plastic body6003020X2M8X3055,56301000 47.26 $ (USD)
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