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Quarter-turn locks, stainless steel, long version

Quarter-turn locks, stainless steel, long version

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Item description/product images

DescriptionMaterial:Version:Bright.Note:Accessory:Key K0535Drawing reference:
a) square 7 mm
b) square 8 mm
c) double lug 3 mm
d) double lug 5 mm
e) wing grip

1) O-ring
2) flat seal
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1352_DR Quarter-turn locks, stainless steel, long version 235 kB


Quarter-turn locks, stainless steel, long version

Item selection/filter

Item No.ActuationD

K1352.1730square 7 mm2830 on request
K1352.1736square 7 mm2836 on request
K1352.1740square 7 mm2840 on request
K1352.1750square 7 mm2850 on request
K1352.1760square 7 mm2860 on request
K1352.1830aquare 8 mm2830 on request
K1352.1836aquare 8 mm2836 on request
K1352.1840aquare 8 mm2840 on request
K1352.1850aquare 8 mm2850 on request
K1352.1860aquare 8 mm2860 on request
K1352.4330double bit 3 mm2830 on request
K1352.4336double bit 3 mm2836 on request
K1352.4340double bit 3 mm2840 on request
K1352.4350double bit 3 mm2850 on request
K1352.4360double bit 3 mm2860 on request
K1352.4530double bit 5 mm2830 on request
K1352.4536double bit 5 mm2836 on request
K1352.4540double bit 5 mm2840 on request
K1352.4550double bit 5 mm2850 on request
K1352.4560double bit 5 mm2860 on request
K1352.0030spindle2830 on request
K1352.0036spindle2836 on request
K1352.0040spindle2840 on request
K1352.0050spindle2850 on request
K1352.0060spindle2860 on request

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