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DescriptionMaterial:Steel 1.0037.
Aluminum EN AW-6060.
Version:Steel electro zinc-plated.
Aluminum clear anodized.
Note:The production tolerances for round tubes are adapted to the tube clamping system.On request:- stainless steel tubes
- customer specific lengths
Special features:
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 Datasheet K0493_R Round tubes 149 kB


round tubes

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K0493.0112X500steelRound TubeØ12 x 1,512 ±0,19500on request
K0493.0112X1000steelRound TubeØ12 x 1,512 ±0,191000on request
K0493.0112X2000steelRound TubeØ12 x 1,512 ±0,192000on request
K0493.0114X500steelRound TubeØ14 x 1,514 ±0,111500on request
K0493.0114X1000steelRound TubeØ14 x 1,514 ±0,1111000on request
K0493.0114X2000steelRound TubeØ14 x 1,514 ±0,1112000on request
K0493.0115X500steelRound TubeØ15 x 1,515 ±0,112500on request
K0493.0115X1000steelRound TubeØ15 x 1,515 ±0,1121000on request
K0493.0115X2000steelRound TubeØ15 x 1,515 ±0,1122000on request
K0493.0116X500steelRound TubeØ16 x 1,516 ±0,113500on request
K0493.0116X1000steelRound TubeØ16 x 1,516 ±0,1131000on request
K0493.0116X2000steelRound TubeØ16 x 1,516 ±0,1132000on request
K0493.0118X500steelRound TubeØ18 x 1,518 ±0,115500on request
K0493.0118X1000steelRound TubeØ18 x 1,518 ±0,1151000on request
K0493.0118X2000steelRound TubeØ18 x 1,518 ±0,1152000on request
K0493.0120X500steelRound TubeØ20 x 220 ±0,116500on request
K0493.0120X1000steelRound TubeØ20 x 220 ±0,1161000on request
K0493.0120X2000steelRound TubeØ20 x 220 ±0,1162000on request
K0493.0125X500steelRound TubeØ25 x 225 ±0,121500on request
K0493.0125X1000steelRound TubeØ25 x 225 ±0,1211000on request
K0493.0125X2000steelRound TubeØ25 x 225 ±0,1212000on request
K0493.0130X500steelRound TubeØ30 x 230 ±0,126500on request
K0493.0130X1000steelRound TubeØ30 x 230 ±0,1261000on request
K0493.0130X2000steelRound TubeØ30 x 230 ±0,1262000on request
K0493.0140X500steelRound TubeØ40 x 440 ±0,1532500on request
K0493.0140X1000steelRound TubeØ40 x 440 ±0,15321000on request
K0493.0140X2000steelRound TubeØ40 x 440 ±0,15322000on request
K0493.0150X500steelRound TubeØ50 x 450 ±0,242500on request
K0493.0150X1000steelRound TubeØ50 x 450 ±0,2421000on request
K0493.0150X2000steelRound TubeØ50 x 450 ±0,2422000on request
K0493.0220X500aluminumRound TubeØ20 x 32014500on request
K0493.0220X1000aluminumRound TubeØ20 x 320141000on request
K0493.0220X2000aluminumRound TubeØ20 x 320142000on request
K0493.0230X500aluminumRound TubeØ30 x 230 ±0,126500on request
K0493.0230X1000aluminumRound TubeØ30 x 230 ±0,1261000on request
K0493.0230X2000aluminumRound TubeØ30 x 230 ±0,1262000on request
K0493.0240X500aluminumRound TubeØ40 x 340 ±0,1534500on request
K0493.0240X1000aluminumRound TubeØ40 x 340 ±0,15341000on request
K0493.0240X2000aluminumRound TubeØ40 x 340 ±0,15342000on request
K0493.0250X500aluminumRound TubeØ50 x 350 ±0,244500on request
K0493.0250X1000aluminumRound TubeØ50 x 350 ±0,2441000on request
K0493.0250X2000aluminumRound TubeØ50 x 350 ±0,2442000on request

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