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Adjustable Handles, Modern Design Style

Adjustable Handles, Modern Design Style

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Adjustable Handles, Modern Design Style from KIPP

KIPP Modern Design Style adjustable handles deliver fast and easy clamping and adjustment. With a semi-ratcheting handle, they replace a nut or bolt and allow for tool-less adjustment. No wrench needed! Also known as clamping levers or adjustable levers, they are often used in workholding, fixturing, machine building, packaging machinery, camera mounting equipment, scientific equipment, medical equipment, and thousands of other applications.
KIPP invented the adjustable handle nearly 60 years ago, and today, KIPP Inc. continues to deliver the highest quality handles, made in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. You can trust in KIPP for premium quality handles that deliver a long operating life and exceptional value.

Modern Design Style

The Modern Design Style features an ergonomic, comfortable grip and is the most popular version of the adjustable handle. It is sometimes called a teardrop handle, for the streamlined shape at the end of the grip.

Thread Size

KIPP Modern Design Style adjustable handles are available with a variety of thread options:
  • Inch or Metric
  • Internal or External Threads
  • Steel or Stainless Steel Threaded Components

Handle Size

Each handle type comes in a range of handle sizes, so you can choose the handle that fits your application.

Handle Material

Cast Zinc
The most popular handle material, cast zinc is lightweight, strong, and resists rust. Cast zinc handles are powder coated and generally available in five finish options: black, orange, red, silver and chrome. The chrome finish is an excellent alternative for those who want the appearance of stainless steel but do not need the performance of stainless steel.

Modern Design Style handles in steel are tougher than cast zinc, but more economical that stainless steel. Perfect for heavy-duty applications not exposed to water. Powercoated with a matte finish in red or black.

Stainless Steel
Durable and good looking, stainless steel handles are ideal for food processing, medical, outdoor, and other challenging environments

Component Materials

The threaded components of the handle are available in steel or stainless steel. The steel version has a black oxide finish.

Specialty Versions

Adjustable Handle with Protective Cap
In environments where fine dust and particles are present, dirt may build up around the screw in the handle hub and then fall out. This can be a problem in applications where cleanliness matters, such as food processing or medical. The adjustable handle with protective cap features a stainless steel cap that keeps dirt out and prevents the possibility of recontamination.

Straight Adjustable Handle
In applications where space is at a premium, the straight adjustable handle takes up less space. Instead of angling upwards like a conventional adjustable handle, the handle of this version extends straight out from the hub, at a 90° angle to the threads.

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