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Adjustable handles, die-cast zinc, flat with external thread, threaded pin stainless steel - inch
K0738 inch

Adjustable handles, die-cast zinc, flat with external thread,...

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Handle die-cast zinc DIN EN 12844.
Steel parts stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).

Version:Handle powder-coated.
Stainless steel parts bright.
Note:Standard colors are:
orange RAL 2004.

Where L is ≥ 60 mm the thread length is 60 mm.
On request:Other threads, screw lengths, colors and special versions.
Dimension “H1” available in other lengths at extra charge.
Drawing reference:
1) flat point DIN EN ISO 4753
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0738 inch Adjustable handles, die-cast zinc, flat with external thread, threaded pin stainless steel - inch 204 kB


Adjustable handles, die-cast zinc, flat with external thread, threaded pin stainless steel - inch

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Order No.Main
Surface finish
SizeXDD1D2HH1H2H3H4AA1BNo. of
K0738.2A22X15orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,128,56,517,829,232,26574,510,12015 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A22X20orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12020 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A22X25orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12025 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A22X30orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12030 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A22X40orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12040 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A22X50orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12050 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A22X60orange RAL 2004powder coated21/4-2013,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12060 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X15orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,128,56,517,829,232,26574,510,12015 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X20orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12020 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X25orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12025 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X30orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12030 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X40orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12040 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X50orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12050 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A32X60orange RAL 2004powder coated25/16-1813,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12060 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A42X20orange RAL 2004powder coated23/8-1613,518,519,128,56,517,829,232,26574,510,12020 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A42X25orange RAL 2004powder coated23/8-1613,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12025 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A42X30orange RAL 2004powder coated23/8-1613,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12030 20.70 $ (USD)
K0738.2A42X40orange RAL 2004powder coated23/8-1613,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12040 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A42X50orange RAL 2004powder coated23/8-1613,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12050 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.2A42X60orange RAL 2004powder coated23/8-1613,518,519,1-6,517,829,232,26574,510,12060 22.25 $ (USD)
K0738.3A32X20orange RAL 2004powder coated35/16-181621,222371023,83842809111,72220 23.73 $ (USD)
K0738.3A32X25orange RAL 2004powder coated35/16-181621,222371023,83842809111,72225 23.73 $ (USD)
K0738.3A32X30orange RAL 2004powder coated35/16-181621,222371023,83842809111,72230 23.73 $ (USD)
K0738.3A32X40orange RAL 2004powder coated35/16-181621,222371023,83842809111,72240 25.32 $ (USD)
K0738.3A32X50orange RAL 2004powder coated35/16-181621,222371023,83842809111,72250 25.32 $ (USD)
K0738.3A32X60orange RAL 2004powder coated35/16-181621,222371023,83842809111,72260 25.32 $ (USD)
K0738.3A42X20orange RAL 2004powder coated33/8-161621,222371023,83842809111,72220 23.73 $ (USD)
K0738.3A42X25orange RAL 2004powder coated33/8-161621,222371023,8-42809111,72225 23.73 $ (USD)
K0738.3A42X30orange RAL 2004powder coated33/8-161621,222371023,8-42809111,72230 23.73 $ (USD)
K0738.3A42X40orange RAL 2004powder coated33/8-161621,222371023,8-42809111,72240 25.32 $ (USD)
K0738.3A42X50orange RAL 2004powder coated33/8-161621,222371023,8-42809111,72250 25.32 $ (USD)
K0738.3A42X60orange RAL 2004powder coated33/8-161621,222371023,8-42809111,72260 25.32 $ (USD)
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