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Cam levers adjustable external thread, steel or stainless steel

Cam levers adjustable external thread, steel or stainless steel

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Selecting the correct cam lever: standard or adjustable

Adjustable cam levers are designed for specialized applications where a standard cam lever cannot be properly used.

Standard cam levers

A standard cam lever features a threaded stud that is fixed to the hinge pin. When the handle is rotated, the threaded stud rotates. As the threads tighten and the user begins to feel some tension, the handle is then depressed to activate the cam and achieve clamping. This provides the ideal situation for tool-free operation.
Because the handle is fixed to the threaded stud, sometimes problems can arise. What if there is an obstruction that prevents the user from depressing the handle when the ideal tension has been reached? In those situations, an adjustable cam lever might provide the solution.
  • Pros: Tool-free operation

  • Cons: Handle is fixed to threaded stud. If there is an obstruction at point of ideal clamping tension, nothing can be done

Adjustable cam levers

In an adjustable cam lever, the threaded stud is free to rotate within the hinge pin. As a result, the handle can be held stationary while a screwdriver is used to turn the stud, adjusting the tension and allowing the user to select the exact place where the handle should be depressed and the cam action clamping engaged. This is especially useful when the physical layout restricts placement of the handle.
  • Pros: The cam handle can be placed in the ideal location, avoiding nearby obstacles while still achieving ideal clamping

  • Cons: A screwdriver must be kept on hand to adjust and re-adjust the handle
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