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Cam Levers with quick lock

Cam Levers with quick lock

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DescriptionMaterial:Handle and thrust washer fiberglass reinforced plastic PA66;
hinge pin in stainless steel 1.4305;
locking pin in steel 1.0718;
spring clip in stainless steel 1.4310
Version:Handle and thrust washer black;
hinge pin natural finish;
locking pin blue chromate;
spring clip passivated
Note:A sheet metal element can be positioned by engaging the spring clip. The sheet metal element is then clamped using the handle.
Plastic materials are subject to creeping under compression (retardation).
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0751 Cam Levers with quick lock 228 kB


Cam Levers with quick lock

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X min.
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K0751.121107X22500 on request
K0751.121107X44500 on request
K0751.121107X66500 on request
K0751.121107X88500 on request
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