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Ball Lock Pin Accessories

A range of accessories are available to extend the application possibilities and improve the usage of ball lock pins.

Ball Lock Pin Bushings K0274

In the typical ball lock pin application, the pin extends all the way through the objects being connected, and the locking balls are free to expand into open space. However, that scenario is not always practical. It may be that a protruding pin would interfere with other moving parts, or it may be that the objects are too thick for the pin to go all the way through. The ball lock pin bushing provides an alternative by capturing the end of the pin. It can be installed in a blind hole or in a through hole.
  • Standard version: external metric threads.
  • LONG-LOK version: external metric threads with nylon locking element. The threadlock element is particularly useful as it allows the user to position the bushing at the correct depth to engage the pin. No additional parts are needed, and unlike a glue-type threadlocker, it remains adjustable in the future.

Stainless Steel Pin Retaining Rings K0367

Made from solid stainless steel, these split rings are suited for industrial applications. They can be used to connect safety lanyards to the retaining holes in ball lock pin handles.

Pin Retaining Cables K0367

In conjunction with a split ring, retaining cables can be used to keep a ball lock pin close to its intended point of use. It prevents loss of the pin and damage that might occur should a pin fall into machinery. Made from high quality materials--vinyl coated stainless steel cable, an aluminum eye, and an aluminum crimp--these cables are long lasting and durable.

Spiral Safety Cables K0367

A coiled polyurethane cable is paired with the user's choice of steel or stainless steel split rings. The result is a convenient and durable method for retaining ball lock pins and other machine parts.
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