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Ball lock pins with mushroom grip, stainless steel, with high shear strength

Ball lock pins with mushroom grip, stainless steel, with high...

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DescriptionMaterial:Mushroom knob and push button stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).
Pin stainless steel 1.4542 (AISI "630" equivalent).
Balls stainless teel 1.4125 (AISI 440C equivalent).
Compression spring stainless steel 1.4310 (AISI 301 equivalent).
Version:Bright.Note:Ball lock pins are used for easy fastening or joining of components.
The two balls are disengaged by pressing the push button and the pin can be slipped into holes in the workpieces. When the push button is released, the balls lock the connection securely.

Shear force double shear (F) = S · τ aB max.

The values given for the shear force are the theoretical breaking load.
These are non-binding reference values without consideration of safety factors and exclude any liability. The values given are for instyleation purposes only and do not constitute a legally binding assurance of properties.

The load values have been calculated in accordance with DIN 50141. Each user must determine individually whether the ball lock pin is suitable for the respective application.

Different materials in which the ball lock pins are used, weather conditions and wear can influence the determined values.

Ball lock pins with high shear strength are identified by a groove marking on the pin.
Benefits:Higher loading in comparison to standard ball lock pins.
The pins made from 1.4542 stainless steel is hardened, has a higher shear resistance and is extremely durable.
Accessory:Bushings for ball lock pins K0724
Safety spiral cable K0367
Retaining cable with loop K0367
Key ring K0367
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0791 Ball lock pins with mushroom grip, stainless steel, with high shear strength 149 kB


Ball lock pins with mushroom grip, stainless steel, with high shear strength

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Shearing force
double shear
K0791.119050101955,511105,92515,9524 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119050151955,511155,92520,9524 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119050201955,511205,92525,9524 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119050251955,511255,92530,9524 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119050301955,511305,92535,9524 38.51 $ (USD)
K0791.119060101966,8511106,82516,8635 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119060151966,8511156,82521,8635 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119060201966,8511206,82526,8635 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119060251966,8511256,82531,8635 36.57 $ (USD)
K0791.119060301966,8511306,82536,8635 38.91 $ (USD)
K0791.119060351966,8511356,82541,8635 38.91 $ (USD)
K0791.119060401966,8511406,82546,8635 38.91 $ (USD)
K0791.119060451966,8511456,82551,8635 38.91 $ (USD)
K0791.119060501966,8511506,82556,8635 38.91 $ (USD)
K0791.125080202589,514207,83327,8863 39.90 $ (USD)
K0791.125080252589,514257,83332,8863 39.90 $ (USD)
K0791.125080302589,514307,83337,8863 42.42 $ (USD)
K0791.125080352589,514357,83342,8863 42.42 $ (USD)
K0791.125080402589,514407,83347,8863 42.42 $ (USD)
K0791.125080452589,514457,83352,8863 42.42 $ (USD)
K0791.125080502589,514507,83357,8863 42.42 $ (USD)
K0791.1251002025101214208,93328,910100 49.68 $ (USD)
K0791.1251002525101214258,93333,910100 49.68 $ (USD)
K0791.1251003025101214308,93338,910100 54.21 $ (USD)
K0791.1251003525101214358,93343,910100 54.21 $ (USD)
K0791.1251004025101214408,93348,910100 54.21 $ (USD)
K0791.1251004525101214458,93353,910100 54.21 $ (USD)
K0791.1251005025101214508,93358,910100 54.21 $ (USD)
K0791.1251006025101214608,93368,910100 57.06 $ (USD)
K0791.13512025351214,522259,939,534,912144 60.17 $ (USD)
K0791.13512030351214,522309,939,539,912144 62.75 $ (USD)
K0791.13512035351214,522359,939,544,912144 62.75 $ (USD)
K0791.13512040351214,522409,939,549,912144 62.75 $ (USD)
K0791.13512045351214,522459,939,554,912144 62.75 $ (USD)
K0791.13512050351214,522509,939,559,912144 62.75 $ (USD)
K0791.13512060351214,522609,939,569,912144 66.21 $ (USD)
K0791.13512070351214,522709,939,579,912144 66.21 $ (USD)
K0791.13512080351214,522809,939,589,912144 70.10 $ (USD)
K0791.13516030351619223013,139,543,116257 106.65 $ (USD)
K0791.13516035351619223513,139,548,116257 106.65 $ (USD)
K0791.13516040351619224013,139,553,116257 108.48 $ (USD)
K0791.13516045351619224513,139,558,116257 108.48 $ (USD)
K0791.13516050351619225013,139,563,116257 109.95 $ (USD)
K0791.13516060351619226013,139,573,116257 111.23 $ (USD)
K0791.13516070351619227013,139,583,116257 113.27 $ (USD)
K0791.13516080351619228013,139,593,116257 115.02 $ (USD)
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