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Handwheels aluminum DIN 950, without machine handle, metric
K0160 Metric

Handwheels aluminum DIN 950, without machine handle, metric

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DescriptionMaterial:Handwheel aluminum, axle steel - black oxide finishedVersion:Wheel rim turned and polished.
Radial and axial run-out of rim < IT 12.
On request:Hubs with square broached hole or powder-coated handwheels.


Handwheels aluminum DIN 950, without machine handle, metric

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Item No.D1D2D3L1L3No. of
K0160.0080X108010H72516293  on request
K0160.0080X128012H72516293  on request
K0160.0100X1010010H72917333  on request
K0160.0100X1210012H72917333  on request
K0160.0125X1212512H73118363  on request
K0160.0125X1412514H73118363  on request
K0160.0140X1414014H73619393  on request
K0160.0140X1614016H73619393  on request
K0160.0160X1416014H73620403  on request
K0160.0160X1616016H73620403  on request
K0160.0180X1618016H73722433  on request
K0160.0180X1818018H73722433  on request
K0160.0200X1820018H74324453  on request
K0160.0200X2220022H74324453  on request
K0160.0250X2225022H74928505  on request
K0160.0250X2625026H74928505  on request
K0160.0315X2631526H75433565  on request
K0160.0315X3031530H75433565  on request
K0160.0400X3040030H76538635 on request
K0160.0400X3440034H76538635 on request
K0160.0500X3450034H77945725 on request
K0160.0500X4050040H77945725 on request
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