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Indexing Plungers

Indexing Plungers

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Indexing plungers

This page contains KIPP’s most popular indexing plungers and accessories. Each style is generally available in the following configurations:
  • Inch or metric
  • Steel or stainless steel
  • With or without locknut
  • Standard or lockout (when retracted, rotate the handle 90° to keep pin withdrawn indefinitely)

Standard indexing plunger: K0338

Simple and effective, this is our most common style of indexing plunger. Available with a red or black knob in all the options listed above.

Indexing plunger with cap: K0339

An older design featuring a capped mushroom knob, the K0339 remains popular. (For a more modern appearance, choose the item above, K0338.)

All stainless steel indexing plunger: K0632

Choose K0632 when durability and rust resistance is needed. Available in all the standard options listed above.

Indexing plunger with extended pin: K0630

Similar to K0338, this indexing plunger features a longer locking pin.

Indexing Plunger without collar: K0343

For a streamlined appearance, or in places where clearances are tight, this indexing plunger eliminates the hexagonal wrench collar. Slots cut into the top of the body are used for installation. An accessory installation tool is available; it is a washer that slips under the knob and has pins to engage the body of the plunger. The edge is knurled for a secure a grip.

All stainless steel indexing plunger without collar: K0634

The same configuration as K0343, but with all stainless steel construction.

Indexing Plunger without collar with extended locking pin: K0633

The same configuration as K0343, but with a longer locking pin.

Short indexing plunger: K0631

A shorter body for installation in thinner materials, but otherwise very similar to K0338.

Indexing plunger for thin walled parts: K0735

A special nut makes it possible for this indexing plunger to be mounted in material thicknesses ranging between 1 mm and 5 mm. The nut protrudes by just 1 mm. A ring spanner is available to aid in installation.

Cam action indexing plunger: K0348

Used extensively in workholding and fixture building, this indexing plunger operates by rotating the handle 180° to withdraw the pin. A notch keeps the pin securely withdrawn.

Stainless steel cam action indexing plunger: K0637

Operated with a twist of the wrist, these cam action indexing plungers make it easy to hold and release workpieces. Identical to the K0348 series, but made from stainless steel.

Cam action indexing plunger with hex head: K0340

Designed with a long pin and a hex head for easy installation.

Indexing plunger mounting brackets: K0638

Available with the mounting holes parallel to the indexing plunger (style A) or perpendicular to the indexing plunger (style B). Designed for metric thread indexing plungers.
  • Aluminum version: features a self-locking slot feature. Install with mounting bolts loose, thread the plunger into place, and then tighten the mounting bolts. The asymmetrical slot squeezes the threads of the plunger, locking it into place.
  • Steel version: includes a setscrew to keep the plunger in place.
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