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Cam Action Indexing Plunger, steel version, Style D, inch
K0348_D Inch

Cam Action Indexing Plunger, steel version, Style D, inch

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Description Material: Steel quality class 5.8 Version: Black oxide finish.
Pin hardened and ground.
Note: Cam-Action Indexing Plungers are used when the indexing pin should not project all the time. Turning the handle through 180° retracts the pin.
A notch ensures that the handle remains in this position.


Cam Action Indexing Plunger, steel version, Style D, inch

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Item No.StyleDD1D2LL2L3BB1HSWF x 30°Spring force
initial pressure
F1 approx. N
Spring force
final pressure
F2 approx. N
CAD Acc. Price Order
K0348.0704A4D43/8-16103825209369/161814 on request
K0348.0705A4D53/8-16103825209369/161,3814 on request
K0348.0706A4D63/8-16103825209369/161,8814 on request
K0348.0704ALD43/8-24103825209369/161814 on request
K0348.0705ALD53/8-24103825209369/161,3814 on request
K0348.0706ALD63/8-24103825209369/161,8814 on request
K0348.0705A5D51/2-131246,8302510,83,683/41,3815 on request
K0348.0706A5D61/2-131246,8302510,83,683/41,8815 on request
K0348.0708A5D81/2-131246,8302510,83,683/42,3815 on request
K0348.0705AMD51/2-201246,8302510,83,683/41,3815 on request
K0348.0706AMD61/2-201246,8302510,83,683/41,8815 on request
K0348.0708AMD81/2-201246,8302510,83,683/42,3815 on request
K0348.0706A6D65/8-111660,4403214,44,81015/161,81535 on request
K0348.0708A6D85/8-111660,4403214,44,81015/162,31535 on request
K0348.0710A6D105/8-111660,4403214,44,81015/162,81535 on request
K0348.0706AND65/8-281660,4403214,44,81015/161,81535 on request
K0348.0708AND85/8-281660,4403214,44,81015/162,31535 on request
K0348.0710AND105/8-281660,4403214,44,8101-1/82,81535 on request
K0348.0708A7D83/4-1020705035186121-1/82,32060 on request
K0348.0710A7D103/4-1020705035186121-1/82,82060 on request
K0348.0712A7D123/4-1020705035186121-1/832060 on request
K0348.0708AOD83/4-1620705035186121-1/82,32060 on request
K0348.0710AOD103/4-1620705035186121-1/82,82060 on request
K0348.0712AOD123/4-1620705035186121-1/832060 on request
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