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Barrel locks with return spring steel or brass bevel up or down

Barrel locks with return spring steel or brass bevel up or down

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or brass.Version:Steel zinc-plated.
Brass chromed.
Note:Barrel locks with return spring can be easily screwed onto doors, hatches and hoods. These locks are available in two different variants: bevelled upward or bevelled downward. The bevelled surface allows the application to be closed or opened without actuating the grip. The integrated return spring always brings the grip back to its original position.Type of operation:When the grip is pushed, the barrel moves into the open position and the door can be opened. When the door is pushed to, it is locked automatically by the bevel.Accessory:Locking plate steel or brass K1669.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1668 Barrel locks with return spring steel or brass bevel up or down 166 kB


Barrel locks with return spring steel or brass bevel up or down

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Order No.styleStyle definitionMain
Surface finish

K1668.036350Alock grip upwardsteelelectro zinc-plated352381,23,519836,51113,5 11.02 $ (USD)
K1668.056500Alock grip upwardsteelelectro zinc-plated5034121,54,829,512561619 19.14 $ (USD)
K1668.073700Alock grip upwardsteelelectro zinc-plated704516273816732228 31.60 $ (USD)
K1668.136350Block grip downwardsteelelectro zinc-plated352381,23,519836,51113,5 10.93 $ (USD)
K1668.156500Block grip downwardsteelelectro zinc-plated5034121,54,829,512561619 18.88 $ (USD)
K1668.173700Block grip downwardsteelelectro zinc-plated704516273816732228 29.85 $ (USD)
K1668.036351Alock grip upwardbrasschromed352381,23,519836,51113,5 27.93 $ (USD)
K1668.056501Alock grip upwardbrasschromed5034121,54,829,512561619 44.76 $ (USD)
K1668.073701Alock grip upwardbrasschromed704516273816732228 65.38 $ (USD)
K1668.136351Block grip downwardbrasschromed352381,23,519836,51113,5 28.02 $ (USD)
K1668.156501Block grip downwardbrasschromed5034121,54,829,512561619 44.25 $ (USD)
K1668.173701Block grip downwardbrasschromed704516273816732228 68.91 $ (USD)
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