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Indexing Plungers lock and clamp, metric
K0245_ Metric

Indexing Plungers lock and clamp, metric

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Indexing pin and screw steel 5.8.
Version:Lower grip black-gray.
Indexing pin and screw black oxidized.
Indexing pin hardened and ground.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

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 Datasheet K0245_ Metric Indexing Plungers lock and clamp, metric 282 kB


Indexing Plungers lock and clamp, metric

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Order No.Sizecolor
K0245.11051black gray RAL 70215M10x15022,228,217,811,552,813513 15.10 $ (USD)
K0245.110551light gray RAL 70355M10x15022,228,217,811,552,813513 15.10 $ (USD)
K0245.110561traffic red RAL 30205M10x15022,228,217,811,552,813513 15.10 $ (USD)
K0245.110571colza yellow RAL 10215M10x15022,228,217,811,552,813513 15.10 $ (USD)
K0245.12062black gray RAL 70216M12x1,55022,228,217,811,557,817614 16.75 $ (USD)
K0245.120652light gray RAL 70356M12x1,55022,228,217,811,557,817614 16.75 $ (USD)
K0245.120662traffic red RAL 30206M12x1,55022,228,217,811,557,817614 16.75 $ (USD)
K0245.120672colza yellow RAL 10216M12x1,55022,228,217,811,557,817614 16.75 $ (USD)
K0245.13083black gray RAL 70218M16x1,5632835,522,514,57422819 21.53 $ (USD)
K0245.130853light gray RAL 70358M16x1,5632835,522,514,57422819 21.53 $ (USD)
K0245.130863traffic red RAL 30208M16x1,5632835,522,514,57422819 21.53 $ (USD)
K0245.130873colza yellow RAL 10218M16x1,5632835,522,514,57422819 21.53 $ (USD)
K0245.14104black gray RAL 702110M20x1,5632835,522,514,578241022 31.78 $ (USD)
K0245.141054light gray RAL 703510M20x1,5632835,522,514,578241022 31.78 $ (USD)
K0245.141064traffic red RAL 302010M20x1,5632835,522,514,578241022 31.78 $ (USD)
K0245.141074colza yellow RAL 102110M20x1,5632835,522,514,578241022 31.78 $ (USD)
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