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Precision Indexing Plungers

Precision Indexing Plungers

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Precision indexing plungers

Designed for applications that require high repeating accuracy, precision ground pins and receiving bushings make every position exact and repeatable. The body of the plunger is a mounting sleeve that is press fit or glued into place, and then the spring loaded mechanism of the plunger is threaded into it. Before threading into place, the length of centering pin can be adjusted to suit the application.
A receiving bushing (purchased separately) is press fit or glued into the opposing component. It should be installed first to allow for adjustment of the centering pin length.
Options include:
  • Cylindrical or tapered pin
  • Standard or lock-out version (rotate handle 90° and pin will stay retracted indefinitely)
An anaerobic adhesive, such as Loctite 638, can be used to lock the pin at the correct length and the handle into the mounting sleeve.
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