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Spherical bearings K/E series DIN ISO 12240-1

Spherical bearings K/E series DIN ISO 12240-1

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DescriptionMaterial:Bearing shell stainless steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti equivalent).
Ball joint stainless steel 1.4034 (AISI 420 equivalent).
Bearing surface PTFE/stainless steel insert.
Version:Ground, polished. Note:Suitable for high dynamic loads. The fitting dimensions comply with DIN ISO 12240-1 E/K. Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1324 Spherical bearings K/E series DIN ISO 12240-1 175 kB


Spherical bearings K/E series DIN ISO 12240-1

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Version 1DD1HH1KαDynamic
load rating
load rating
Speed limit
K1324.10513dimensional series k5 H713 h78611,1113°750012500600 28.32 $ (USD)
K1324.20816dimensional series e8 -0,00816 -0,008851315°700015600- 29.18 $ (USD)
K1324.21019dimensional series e10-0,00819 -0,009961612°1000023400- 37.12 $ (USD)
K1324.10818dimensional series k8 H718 h712915,8714°1670027800420 32.00 $ (USD)
K1324.21630dimensional series e16 -0,00830 -0,00914102510°3900065000- 67.18 $ (USD)
K1324.21222dimensional series e12 -0,00822 -0,0091071811°1400032000- 47.01 $ (USD)
K1324.11021dimensional series k10 H721 h71410,519,0513°2340039000350 39.49 $ (USD)
K1324.10615dimensional series k6 H715 h796,7512,713°930015500530 28.32 $ (USD)
K1324.11631dimensional series k16 H731,5 h7211528,5715°5250088000230 62.05 $ (USD)
K1324.20614dimensional series e6 -0,00814 -0,008641013°40009000- 29.79 $ (USD)
K1324.11224dimensional series k12 H724,5 h7161222,2213°3200034500300 43.15 $ (USD)
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