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Rod ends with ball bearing internal thread, DIN ISO 12240-4

Rod ends with ball bearing internal thread, DIN ISO 12240-4

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DescriptionMaterial:Casing drop-forged steel, tempered.Version:Electro zinc-plated.
Bearing play 15 - 40 µm.
Note:The hardened ball bearing is long-term greased and sealed with cover washers. The connection dimensions comply with DIN 648 style Series KA.
Up to D = 10 the rod ends have a DIN 3405/A flush type grease nipple.
From D = 12 they have a DIN 71412/A conical head type grease nipple.
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

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 Datasheet K0717 Rod ends with ball bearing internal thread, DIN ISO 12240-4 230 kB


Rod ends with ball bearing internal thread, DIN ISO 12240-4

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load rating
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K0717.06rh thread6M610133020596,75912101127506501350 60.83 $ (USD)
K0717.08rh thread8M812,5163624512910,51612148,5°400010001300 68.03 $ (USD)
K0717.10rh thread10M10151943286,51410,512201517445014501225 78.10 $ (USD)
K0717.12rh thread12M1217,52250326,5161214,52216197,5°495018001125 91.33 $ (USD)
K0717.16rh thread16M1622276442821151928222262502350975 117.94 $ (USD)
K0717.20rh thread20M20x1,527,534775010251824,533263079003450825 149.82 $ (USD)
K0717.22rh thread22M22x1,5303884541228202637263293003980725 168.14 $ (USD)
K0717.061lh thread6M610133020596,75912101127506501350 60.83 $ (USD)
K0717.081lh thread8M812,5163624512910,51612148,5°400010001300 68.03 $ (USD)
K0717.101lh thread10M10151943286,51410,512201517445014501225 78.10 $ (USD)
K0717.121lh thread12M1217,52250326,5161214,52216197,5°495018001125 91.33 $ (USD)
K0717.161lh thread16M1622276442821151928222262502350975 117.94 $ (USD)
K0717.201lh thread20M20x1,527,534775010251824,533263079003450825 149.82 $ (USD)
K0717.221lh thread22M22x1,5303884541228202637263293003980725 168.14 $ (USD)
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