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Knurled screws plastic

Knurled screws plastic

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DescriptionMaterial:Reinforced polyamide thermoplastic, dark grey.
Threaded pin steel 5.8 or stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303 equivalent).
Version:Threaded pin steel blue passivated, stainless steel bright.Benefits:The knurled screws can be tightened or loosened without tools.
Suitable for manual fixing and clamping.
Various thread sizes and lengths.
Special features:
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Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1473 Knurled screws plastic 177 kB


Knurled screws plastic

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Item No.Component

K1473.1804X10free-cutting steelM418913810on request
K1473.1804X15free-cutting steelM418913815on request
K1473.2005X10free-cutting steelM52010,615910on request
K1473.2005X15free-cutting steelM52010,615915on request
K1473.2005X20free-cutting steelM52010,615920on request
K1473.2506X10free-cutting steelM62512171010on request
K1473.2506X15free-cutting steelM62512171015on request
K1473.2506X20free-cutting steelM62512171020on request
K1473.2506X30free-cutting steelM62512171030on request
K1473.2506X40free-cutting steelM62512171040on request
K1473.3208X15free-cutting steelM83214221315on request
K1473.3208X20free-cutting steelM83214221320on request
K1473.3208X30free-cutting steelM83214221330on request
K1473.3208X40free-cutting steelM83214221340on request
K1473.4010X20free-cutting steelM104018251420on request
K1473.4010X30free-cutting steelM104018251430on request
K1473.4010X40free-cutting steelM104018251440on request
K1473.18042X10stainless steelM418913810on request
K1473.18042X15stainless steelM418913815on request
K1473.20052X10stainless steelM52010,615910on request
K1473.20052X15stainless steelM52010,615915on request
K1473.20052X20stainless steelM52010,615920on request
K1473.25062X10stainless steelM62512171010on request
K1473.25062X15stainless steelM62512171015on request
K1473.25062X20stainless steelM62512171020on request
K1473.25062X30stainless steelM62512171030on request
K1473.25062X40stainless steelM62512171040on request
K1473.32082X15stainless steelM83214221315on request
K1473.32082X20stainless steelM83214221320on request
K1473.32082X30stainless steelM83214221330on request
K1473.32082X40stainless steelM83214221340on request
K1473.40102X20stainless steelM104018251420on request
K1473.40102X30stainless steelM104018251430on request
K1473.40102X40stainless steelM104018251440on request
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